Outdoor & adventure photography

Love for the outdoors

I'm constantly in awe of our beautiful planet and there's nothing I'd rather do than being in nature. It is my mission to capture that love for the outdoors.

Getting more and more people to enjoy the outdoors is something I'm really excited about. With each shot, I seek to showcase the beauty of our planet and inspire others to appreciate and protect the natural world.

Over the years my work has been recognised by travel organisations & outdoor brands and I have refined my skills in social media marketing to ensure that my photographs are fit for promotional purposes.

It's like you're adventuring in the outdoors with a good friend

I've found passion in all sorts of outdoor activities like bouldering, climbing, skiing, hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, road biking and not to forget camping. Mountains, rocks, ice and woods are familiair terrain for me and I'm comfortable with navigating my way into the outdoors. Being a positive and open person I'm able to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere where people can be 100% themselves. That's how I can document everything how it truly is.

More about me

Are we a match?

Is that love for the outdoors our common passion? Is adventure in the roots of your brand? Do you need a photographer who's comfortable in tough conditions and knows how to capture moments or products in an authentic way? If yes, let's work together!

Let's go into nature and create some art together!

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