An epic canoeing adventure in Norway with K-jak

When K-jak reizen asked me to join them on an adventure on the water I didn’t have to think long about my answer. Canoeing on the Norwegian mountain lakes has always been on my list. The trip started in the K-jak basecamp, where we pitched our tent and met the other adventurers. We started planning our route, were given safety instructions and were taught the best ways to paddle, pack our canoe and how to treat the beautiful Norwegian nature in a respectful way.

The next day we woke up, made oats and started paddling. We paddled for a few hours until the wind became too strong and we went ashore to pitch our tent. A swampy hike up the nearest mountain made a good way to spend the rest of the day.

No wind! It promised to be a good day on the water. As we paddled through the pristine waters of the lake, we felt a sense of exhilaration and freedom that can only come from being immersed in nature. We did more than 20 km this day. We found our way through a shallow bit of water filled with rocks and transported the canoe over land to get to one of the bigger lakes. 

When we came to a particularly swampy area, we had to disembark and carry our canoe through the thick mud and undergrowth, pushing and pulling our way through the difficult terrain. We were relieved when we touched the water again. As the sun began to set we pitched the tent, ended up making new friends and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

After that sunny and calm day the weather changed. It was too risky to get on the water with the amount of wind, so we stayed ashore, made a campfire and treated ourselves with some good food.

At some point the sky cleared and we decided to make the most of the day and explore the surrounding landscape on foot. We set our sights on a nearby mountain, and after a steep climb, we reached the summit just in time for the sunset. As we gazed out across the stunning views of the surrounding lakes, we were greeted by the sight of a herd of reindeer grazing on the mountainside. It was a truly unforgettable experience, and as we made our way back down the mountain, we felt grateful for the unexpected turn of events that had led us to discover a new side of Norway’s incredible natural beauty.

The last few days were filled with more paddles, hikes, campfires and breathtaking views on the Norwegian landscape. Canoeing in Norway was truly a chance to disconnect from the outside world and immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature. 

As we paddled across the still, icy water of the remote mountain lakes, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder and awe at the breathtaking natural beauty surrounding me. The only sounds were the gentle lapping of the water against our paddles and the occasional call of a distant bird. The sun cast a warm glow over the landscape, and I felt grateful to be alive and able to experience such a moment of pure serenity.

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