Hi, I’m Nanda

photographer and adventurer

Nature is my home and adventure is in my blood. To be in the mountains, play in the snow and breath in the scent of the pine tree forest, those are the things I love most.

My goal is to guide you into the outdoors and share my passion for nature with you. I want to create a unique experience and safe space where we can all be ourselves and enjoy the adventure together.

Not only will I be your guide during this incredible moment. While you’re doing what you love in the most beautiful landscapes, I will capture that deep connection and create some breathtaking art so you’ll always be able to look back on these precious memories. 

Let's adventure together!

More about me..

Give me all the adventures! I love hiking, skiing, backpacking and road tripping. Winter is my favourite season and I'm obsessed with the mountains, woods and the night sky. I wanted to capture the beauty of our planet for as long as I can remember. I drew a lot as a kid and have been practising photography since I was 12. I graduated from the Netherlands Filmacademy in Amsterdam, where I learned about storytelling and gained even more passion for visual art.

Fun facts

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