Hi, I’m Nanda

photographer and storyteller

Lover of light, kind souls and good hikes. Intrigued by Scandinavian scenery, slow living and sustainability. Bunny mom & wife to the best husband ever. And obviously, I like a good story.

I have always felt the need to express myself through art and to be out there in nature. Creativity, storytelling & exploring is in my blood.

I have been doing art for as long as I can remember. I mastered everything there is to know about my camera at the age of 14 and I’ve been practising all aspects of photography ever since.

When I got married myself a few years ago, I just knew: this is what I need to do. Capturing the connection with nature and tell the story from a more powerful perspective than ever done before. That same year I graduated from the Netherlands Filmacademy in Amsterdam, which added another layer of cinematic storytelling to my work.

And that’s how the journey began.

More about me

I’m living on the Dutch countryside with my husband and our two pet bunnies. I got married to Joost a few years ago. He is my hiking buddy, my shoulder to cry on, my personal advisor and everything else. I cannot imagine a life without him.

You can wake me up in the middle of the night for a cup of tea. It’s my guilty pleasure I guess. But I’m probably awake already because I’m a real night owl.

I’m also a social introvert, which means I can be extroverted and outgoing, but I need to recharge the next day. Hiking, or watching movies all day are some of the best way to do that.

During winter I’m working as a visual effects artist in the movie industry abroad. I’m also studying for a law degree in my spare time and am trying to learn how to talk Swedish. Speaking of multipotentialism, oops.

I’m in love with Scandinavia and other ‘cold’ environments. We try to do a road trip up north with our small tent every year. To be honest, it would be a dream come true to live in a remote stuga in the Swedish forests.


Eager to find out more?

Ask me anything!
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