Trekking in the Lake District: Breathtaking views & countless sheep

· 4 days of elevation, sheep and magnificent views ·

In May, I took a train to London, picked up a friend and we went on a four-day hiking adventure in the Lake District. Despite me feeling a little under the weather, we were determined to discover the incredible nature of the UK.

Each day, we faced the rolling hills and crystal-clear lakes head-on. I was so surprised by the breathtaking views and peaceful surroundings of this area. Sleeping in a tent, eating adventure meals and being surrounded by the sounds of nature (mostly sheep), was a welcome respite from the city and allowed us to fully embrace the beauty of this nature area.

The first day we traveled by train and bus from London and arrived in the afternoon in Buttermere. We decided to follow a trail next to a stream and hiked for about 8km.

Waking up in our tent the next morning was like a dream. The sun hit the hills and the horizon was dotted with majestic peaks. We fueled up with a bowl of oats and hit the trails. We hiked more than 20km south, came across the cute Grange in Borrowdale, but instead of staying in the village, we went into the hills again and made camp close to a river.

On day 3 I had to exchange my Fjällräven hiking pants for shorts. It was unexpectedly warm and sunny. We hiked 14km. From towering peaks to gentle valleys, every view was more breathtaking than the last. We crossed babbling brooks and marveled at crystal-clear lakes.

Most of the trails were really good, but at some point we came across a swampy area. Before I knew it, my whole leg disappeared in the mud and I became stuck. Fortunately my friend managed to pull me out. Although I was covered in mud and a bit shaken up, I was grateful to have made it out of the swamp unharmed. This sudden adventure taught us the importance of being prepared for the unexpected in the great outdoors.

We had a delicious meal in a pub in Grasmere and decided to stay in the village for the night, to dry our shoes and get some rest.

Despite the illness, which got worse on day 4, I was determined to push through and make the most of our adventure. We left the hills and swampy areas behind us and found our way through rocky terrain and around small lakes. After another 9 km of hiking we reached Ambleside and took a train back to London.

No matter how you may feel, the beauty of the great outdoors has a way of rejuvenating the soul. So if you’re feeling under the weather, don’t let it discourage you from going on an adventure.

After this trip, I can’t wait to see more of the UK. If you ever have the chance to explore the Lake District, prepare to be awed by the stunning landscapes and breathtaking views. For those who love the great outdoors, it is a must-visit destination! 

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