Sustainable photography - Inspired by nature

My mission & philosophy

My work has grown a lot over the years. I’ve been trying out different styles, techniques and compositions to get where I am now. But there has always been one main characteristic in all my photos: a touch of nature. When I started to question where this influence is coming from and how it affects my work, I came to the conclusion that it’s even more than just a source of inspiration.

Sustainable photography | Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature

my philosophy: a new perspective on capturing moments

Capturing the greatness of nature leads to humanity being small. And feeling small makes us realise how precious our freedom, breathe and love is. I will capture the power of nature and tell your story from that perspective.

Sustainable photography

my mission: a purpose driven business

With my love for nature, I became more and more aware of the human impact on this planet. So that’s why I’m trying to live more eco-friendly: nature is at the heart of all my decisions. I was looking for a way to share this and inspire others. That’s why I’ve decided to implement sustainability into my business as well.

What does this mean for you? Hiring me as your photographer means not having to worry about the carbon footprint and other negative impact of your photo session/album, because I will think everything through for you. On top of that, I’d love to help you with the transition to an eco-friendly business or wedding.

Here’s what I’ve been doing so far…

I’m planting a tree for every:

• booked wedding

• international inquiry (or when a booking requires an above average amount of travel)

• photo album order

I do this by supporting the Dutch organisation Trees For All with a yearly donation. 

I try to avoid flying to new destinations. The international train is my best friend and I only travel within Europe. In the Netherlands I’ll go by bike, bus or train. In many cases traveling by car is unavoidable, but I will often suggest carpooling and will always compensate for my carbon footprint.

I’ve spent a lot of time investigating which supplier produces the most sustainable photoalbums. You can read more about it here. 

Most of my photo sessions take place in the outdoors, to celebrate natures awesomeness.

I’m focusing on small and intimate weddings and elopements, preferably outdoor. Not only because a small wedding is much more eco-friendly, but also to inspire others with my love for nature.

When in the outdoors, I take the Leave No Trace principles in account.

I’m living an ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle myself and am always striving to do better. I’m trying to live low waste, I support slow fashion and recently switched to a vegetarian/flexivegan diet. 

All my business decisions will be considered carefully.

I have a business bank account at ASN Bank, which is one of the few banks that does not invest in weapons, fossil fuels and slavery.

Most of my gear I buy second hand and I repair things if necessary. There are certain things that I’m not able to purchase second hand, like hard drives and memory cards, because I have to be able to guarantee the safety of your photos.

I shoot digital 95% of the time. I love shooting analog every now and then, but unfortunately it requires harsh chemicals and produces lots of waste.

I’m trying to be as transparent as possible. You can ask me anything and I’ll always share with you the things that I can still do better.

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