• Planning a wedding in 4 weeks: Intimate forest wedding in the Netherlands – Geelco & Martina

    Actual proof that you don’t need a year to plan a wedding. In fact, Geelco & Martina even arranged their entire wedding in 4 weeks time!

    Martina is from Austria and met the Dutch Geelco during a surfing holiday in Fuerteventura. They decided to have a Dutch beach wedding with friends and family coming over from Austria. And then Covid messed everything up and they had to cancel their initial plans.

    I cannot imagine what a strange time it must have been for them. What to do with that dress? Are you going to wait for the pandemic to be over? When are travel restrictions being lifted? What if it takes another few years before we can have a traditional wedding again? So many uncertainties.

    And then some travel restrictions were eased and there was a plan! A September wedding at a beautiful location in the middle of the Dutch forests on the Veluwe (Landgoed Schovenhorst, Putten). Celebrating their love for each other, together with a small group of 20 guests. They invited only their best friends and closest family. And I can tell you, it was wonderful. So intimate, beautiful, funny, cosy and above all: they got married!


    From mid-August until the beginning of September the heather in the Netherlands is blooming, which creates an incredible backdrop for the photo session. Aren’t they stunning???


    The vibe during the ceremony was great. The location made sure the guests had something to drink, and the officiant did an amazing job at making everyone at ease. It was personal, funny and relaxed. You could hear the birds chirping and every now and then the sun broke through the clouds.


    The rest of the day was filled with love, joy and good food. We went for a walk at the nearby estate and took the most spontaneous group photos. Because the group only consisted of close friends and family, the couple could spend real quality time with them and was able to have actual conversations with everyone.

    When Geelco & Martina asked me as their photographer I was incredibly honoured. Not only because Geelco is a videographer himself, but mainly because they recently became friends of Joost and me and I know they are amazing people. So thank you dear Geelco & Martina, for letting me capture these precious moments for you, it was great!

    Bride & Groom: Geelco & Martina | Wedding date: 04-09-2020 | Location: Landgoed Schovenhorst, Putten
    Stationery: Veldhuizen Grafisch Effect | Suit: Broekhuis mannenmode | Shoes groom: Sascha
    Florals: by the aunt of the groom | Ceremony officiant: BABS Con
  • Outdoor wedding in the lush green woods – Marra & Pepijn

    Nature was at its best the moment this September wedding took place. Marra & Pepijn had to push their original wedding date in April, but were rewarded with the most beautiful lush green colours of the woods. I don’t think I have ever seen the whole world this green. The wedding took place at one single location: an old estate surrounded by the never ending woods of De Veluwe. The kids and some close family members were able to stay in the characteristic villa, and the couple slept in the cute cabin also located on the estate. The old goat barn was transformed into a festive indoor location, and nature did the rest.


    Aside from the gorgeous location, it was a beautiful wedding day. Marra & Pepijn are incredible people. You can feel they both experienced the heaviness of life, but carrying that heaviness together made everything easier. Every single family member and friend I spoke with on the wedding day mentioned that Marra & Pepijn truly belong together. They bring out better versions of each other: lifting the other person up and making them happier. I think we can all learn from that.


    One of the many things I loved about this wedding, is that Marra & Pepijn made their family and friends truly feel like they were a part of the day. Everyone was asked to bring some home made foods with them. Either some kind of cake, or something for dinner. So there wasn’t just one cake, there were 12!


    We didn’t have to go far to find a good spot for some portraits. Before the wedding I spent some time getting familiar with the estate and I found this beautiful hidden trail.


    After the photo session friends and family gathered around the open fire or found shelter in the goat barn. Foodtrucks, organic drinks, a photo booth and dancing in the rain. The weather is one of the few things you cannot control on your wedding day. But you can control how you decide to act on it. Marra & Pepijn decided to embrace it.

    It was an honour to capture this beautiful day. Thank you Marra & Pepijn ♡ 

    Bride & Groom: Marra & Pepijn | Wedding date: 09-09-2020 | Location: Het Grote Huis Welna, Epe
    Dress: Assepoester bruidsmode | Shoes Bride: Fiarucci | Jewelry: Swarovski | MUAH: STYLE YOUR BEAUTY
    Suit: Atelier 9 | Shoes groom: Berkelmans


    Marra & Pepijn

    Nanda heeft voor ons een loveshoot verzorgd en zij heeft onze bruiloft vastgelegd. Nanda heeft oog voor detail, is creatief en dacht met ons mee. Ze is super vriendelijk en lief, zorgzaam en laat in haar foto’s de karakters van mensen en de sfeer van het moment en de omgeving naar boven komen. Op de dag zelf wist ze de mooiste momenten te pakken zonder dat zij zelf ‘aanwezig’ was. Ze luistert goed naar wat mensen willen en dit komt vervolgens verbluffend naar boven in een prachtig fotoboek!

  • Backyard wedding with a magical touch of the forests – Jeffrey & Sophia

    There is nothing more special than saying ‘I do’ with the sound of wind whispering through the trees and chirping of birds in the background. When you look around all you see is the people you love and the beautiful gift of nature. And the moment the sun breaks through the clouds and you feel the light warming up your skin, it feels like all the elements of the earth are in your favour.⁠⠀⁠⠀

    This was one of those lovely days. The wedding took place at a cute little farm owned by the father of the bride. The farm was surrounded by tall trees and never ending fields.⁠

    The bride was gorgeous, she looked a bit like a fairy. When the groom saw her for the first time and the soundtrack of The Lord of the Rings was playing in the background, I could barely hold my tears.⁠⠀

    After the first look we went to a different part of the garden to take some photos with just the two of them. It was a perfect moment to take everything in and have some fun before the ceremony. We also went to a nearby forest to add some dreamy vibes to the photo session. I scouted this location in the week before the wedding. The moment I saw it I knew it was going to be perfect.

    The ceremony was a very small gathering due to covid, but most of the couple’s close friends and family members were able to attend. Some of them even came from England and were willing to go into quarantine afterwards. And because the ceremony took place outside, the grandparents could be there too.⁠⠀

    It was an emotional day, filled with so much joy and gratitude. Seeing Dutch, Japanese, Indonesian and Argentinian cultures blending together made me so happy. From ikigai to pulling ribbons out of the cake.⁠⠀

    As the sun was setting we took a moment for group photos and we used the wonderful golden hour light for some more portraits. There was such a relaxed atmosphere amongst the guests and the small farm looked marvellous in those last few sun rays. Another gift of mother nature was when some guests spotted a rainbow in the distance.

    The warm and cosy living room of the farm acted as dining room. The day ended with a campfire at a different part of the farm. One of the friends brought his guitar and they sang The Witcher song. Goosebumps all over.⁠⠀

    Fellow outdoor lovers, does your dream wedding look like this too?⁠

    Bride & Groom: Jeffrey & Sophia | Wedding date: 25-09-2020
    Dress: Bridal Nomads | Suit: Smit Mode | Florals: Fleurissant | MUAH: sister of the bride
    Styling/rentals: Bydorine | Cake: Bakkerij van der Most | Catering: Party service Versluis
  • Couple session in the Austrian Alps – Taylor & Jens

    We went on a winter photoshoot and hike in the Alps with Nanda and we cannot say enough great things about our experience. She was so personable and professional and the final photographs were stunning. We really enjoyed her approach and her ability to capture us in a way that felt real and true to our relationship. Nanda has an eye for photography and we were so impressed with the style and quality in our photographs. We would highly recommend her!
    Taylor & Jens
  • Intimate vineyard wedding – Thomas & Rian

    What do you do when there’s a huge pandemic + weather alerts for the entire day?⁠ Yesssssss you get married!!⁠

    This couple decided to not push back their wedding date, and arranged to get married in their own little vineyard instead. Just close friends and family, which made it feel even more intimate. Of course, we had to keep the COVID measures and 1,5m distance in mind and we were soaked at the end of the photosession, ⁠but the day turned out great anyway.⁠

    This wedding simply proved that love is the only thing that matters. It is the one thing that is not cancelled. In fact, it is stronger now than ever.

    We were absolutely soaked. But it didn’t matter at all. Love rules.

    A beautiful ceremony. Even the woodpecker in one of the surrounding trees had to come check it out.


    That dress!! Love it right???

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