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Are you not just looking for a regular photographer, but for a storyteller that captures the strong connection between people and nature? Are you eager to find a friend that supports your amazing but maybe non-traditional ideas? Is sustainability important to you? Please read on because I think we could be the perfect match!

Hi, I'm Nanda


Lover of light, kind souls and good hikes. I'm a proud Dutchie living on the countryside with my husband and our two pet bunnies. I have always felt the need to express myself through art and to be out there in nature. Creativity, storytelling & exploring is in my blood.


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Inspired by nature

my Philosophy & Mission

The outdoors always ceases to amaze me. The changing of the seasons, all the wonderful creatures and majestic scenery. There's this power in nature that we'll never be able to understand. And yet, we humans are interfering with that. At some point there might not be a way back anymore. It think it's our mission to do better, to act with care and to do everything we can to turn the tides.

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