Are you in for the ultimate adventure?

You are looking for a way to get married that feels authentic and true to you. An adventure that will mark the rest of your lives together. Just the two of you or with a close group of family & friends. No frills, just being together in nature and feeling connected to the earth. 

Let's elope in Northern Europe!

Hi, I'm Nanda


Nature is my home and adventure is in my blood. To be in the mountains, play in the snow and breath in the scent of the pine tree forest, those are the things I love most.


Adventure elopement photography

Imagine exploring new places with the person you love most

We are here only for such a short period of time. That’s why I believe it’s so important to have a wedding day that’s 100% intentional. The wedding industry creates a lot of expectations about how your day should go. But let me tell you this: you deserve a totally epic, true to you wedding day & celebrate your love the way you want to!

Inspired by nature

my Philosophy & Mission

The outdoors always ceases to amaze me. The changing of the seasons, all the wonderful creatures and majestic scenery. My work is very inspired by the natural world. There's this power in nature that we'll never be able to understand. I think it's our mission to act with care and to protect the outdoors - giving some love back to the beautiful world that we enjoy so much being in.


Bring the beauty of nature into your home​

A collection of carefully selected fine art prints, showing the marvellous wonders of our planet. Nordic landscapes and Alpine scenery. The textures, beauty and magic of the natural world as seen through my lens.

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